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Not so temporary insanity

So, I realized I hadn't been on here in a while and decided it was high time to get back at it. Nothing really new or spectacular going on in the McCarter house as of yet however, we do have a serious issue with our cat Ricky, who seems to have lost his freaking mind. Anyone who has met Ricky knows he's a sweetheart. He loves his mommy, grandmommy and his nanny. He only loves others when he wants something, usually treats.

 The past month has been a little nuts with Ricky. He's constantly wanting to go out our front door and go outside. We live in an apartment on the second floor of the building so seeing his big fluffy but run down 30+ stairs at lightning speed is pretty entertaining...when you are LETTING him go out, not when he FORCES his way out. For example: I come him he meets me at the door jumps over my feet and runs down the stairs before I can even think to yell at him. Sneaky turd. So, we have decided several time to keep him from going out and only take him …