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My Review of "Rising Above a Toxic Workplace"

Having worked in a variety of non-profit residential settings, I know quite a bit about "toxic relationships".  And since my husband is a minister, I've seen first-hand how work environments -- particularly our churches -- can turn into toxic workplaces.  The fact is, there are so many places that have a toxic environment that can discourage and turn off ordinary workers from discharging their best -- not just churches and other non-profits.  According to a Gallup poll, seven in ten people work in toxic workplaces.  A bad workplace also leads to stress and reduced productivity.  Class tensions create divisions within organizations.  
This book offers wisdom and help for negotiating those "toxic workplace" environments.  Each chapter contains some survival strategies for workers as well as leadership tips for bosses.  Both are needed in order to cultivate a positive corporate culture. 
The most common factor for these toxic workplaces are words that hurt.  The aut…

My Review of "Love Without Limits"

Love Without Limits is the true-life (and true-love) story of Nick and Kanae.  They met after his many dating disappointments and a failed relationship -- he was in his mid-twenties.  After their first date, the chemistry between them grew and was undeniable, while they went through many twists and turns before becoming one in Christ marriage in 2012. 
The book recounts their story:  The improbable grace that brought them together, and their shared fight against the lack of faith that would keep them apart.  It's a book filled with practical insights that will benefit any couple, and it describes a godly courtship and the early years of the Vujicics' marriage and parenting journey. 
The 15 chapters have so much spiritual wisdom for couples, that I hardly know where to begin.  It's a great book that every couple -- whether preparing for marriage or married for years -- need to read. 

I received this book free, from the Blogging for Books program, in exchange for my honest revi…

A review of "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World"

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World: Finding Intimacy with God in the Busyness of Life is a book to which I wish I'd been introduced years ago.  In it, Joanna Weaver offers challenging and helpful advice for drawing me -- and women like me -- back to the core of those things that really matter in life. 
My husband has been a pastor for 17 years.  I work with developmentally challenged adults in a residential setting.  And when we married (just a year ago), I never realized all the ways in which our busy lives would impact our relationship and, more importantly, our spiritual lives.  We all have different lives with different choices, pressures, situations, challenges and opportunities.  But most of us -- or, maybe just me! -- feel overwhelmed by those choices and pressures, the situations and challenges.  
This is the book I needed to expose how so much of all that is my own doing. 
Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World is based on an exchange in John 11.  And in that short account…

My Review of the "Study Bible for Women"

I was excited to receive a free copy of The Study Bible for Women from the publisher, in exchange for my review.  I want to thank Jamie George of B&H Books for getting this to me. 
I chose the Teal/Sage LeatherTouch cover.  It's a beautiful Bible. 
The Study Bible for Women has several wonderful features that lead me to recommend it to every woman looking for a study Bible. 
The presentation pages come with space for a family tree and life's events.  There's also room to record Spiritual Mothers (complete with a list to write mentor info and verses referencing spiritual gifts), and the Jewish Ketubah ("Marriage Contract").
The translation for the biblical text is the HCSB, one of the newest translations, but taken from the Greek and Hebrew texts used by scholars. 
And the "How to Use Guide" has lots of wisdom about reading the Bible with understanding.  Throughout the Bible, there are sections for Word Study, Character Profiles, Biblical Womanhood, Hard …