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My Review of "31 Verses to Write on Your Heart"

Liz Curtis Higgs' 31 Verses to Write on Your Heart is the book women are searching for to find the words of hope when you're needing encouragement.  Chosen by more than a thousand women as their favorite verses in the Bible, each one is worth learning, worth sharing, worth remembering.

There are verses here that you may already know as well as those that are more obscure.  But that's precisely the point.  Higgs has given us a book that helps us find words when our own words seem too inadequate or not forthcoming.

Written with its own study guide, 31 Verses is best used as a daily devotional for one month, or as small group Bible study guide.  Either way, it's a real grace for faithful women.

I received a free copy of this book as part of the Blogging for Books program in exchange for my honest review here.

My Review of "Love, Henri"

Love, Henri is a collection of Henri Nouwen's, the great spiritual writer, letters.  It's particularly poignant these 20 years after Nouwen's death, because it gives us a glimpse into the Christian hope in a chaotic, uncertain world.  In this collection, Nouwen reminds us that the world has always been a frightening place with upheaval, wars, and dissension.  In 1981 Henri Nouwen was asked in a letter if he thought humanity would survive the century.  Here is part of his answer.
"But important for me is not if our civilization will survive or not but if we can continue to live with hope, and I really think we can because our Lord has given us His promise that He will stay with us at all times. He is the God of the living, He has overcome evil and death and His love is stronger than any form of death and destruction. That is why I feel that we should continually avoid the temptation of despair and deepen our awareness that God is present in the midst of all the chaos …

My Review of "How to Talk to Your Cat about Gun Safety"

The American Association of Patriots has collected a number of fabulous essays into its How to Talk to Your Cat about Gun Safety and Abstinence, Drugs, Satanism, and Other Dangers that Threaten Their Nine Lives.  Two of these essays -- evolution and gun safety -- are among some of the most important topics for feline safety these days.

Cats have many things on their minds, like where to sun themselves today, and cannot become bogged-down in science and theological discussions.  How to Talk to Your Cat about Gun Safety has some excellent advice for handling some of those difficult discussions.

But, without a doubt, "How to Talk to Your Cat about Gun Safety" is the best.  Once a cat is taught how to handle a gun and the responsibilities that come with it, you will immediately reap the benefits.  A cat packin' heat while you are away becomes a formidable adversary for any miscreant who wanders onto your property.

Frankly, and probably to the cat's chagrin, everyth…