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My Review of "Beneath the Prairie Moon"

Kim Vogel Sawyer's Beneath the Prairie Moon is a novel about expecting the unexpected, and about being pleasantly surprised by how good the unexpected can be.

Having experience setbacks in life, our main heroine, Miss Abigail Grant (Brantley) have some hard lessons to learn.  Yet as readers, we learn with her.  I love the premise of this not your typical "mail order bride" scenario.  This time, the rugged men of the frontier will learn what it means to "court" and to take on a wife.  Throughout the story, there's a certain way to the author's visualization and words that feels authentic and distinct at the same time.  I enjoyed how many different personalities we've encountered, and also show the internal strength of women.  I'm quite surprised by how much the author is able to put into this story.  Romance, friendship, adventure and a message of God's unique plan for each of us, including matters of the heart.

It's a great bo…