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My Review of "Possible"

Possible is a story about how we can change the world, told by someone -- World Relief CEO and President Stephan Bauman -- who's lived that change in his own life.

When we talk about poverty, suffering and injustice -- it matters what story we tell.  We can choose between stories of pity or dignity, dependency or potential, need or capacity.  We can zoom in on our neighbors' suffering without seeing their strength.  There is danger here, though:  When we choose only to see weaknesses of our brothers and sisters, we reduce them to projects or problems to be solved.  When poverty is seen through this lens, no one is empowered, honored or lifted up.

But when we see our neighbors through the eyes of their Creator -- loved, dignified, and capable of creating beauty out of pain -- we empower heroes and become heroes in the process.  This is the heart behind World Relief's work, and is the message of Possible.

Possible is a challenge for Christians to rethink the stories …

My Review of "A Good Food Day"

Marco Canora is a critically acclaimed chef and the owner of the restaurant Hearth.  Marco himself was forced to re-evaluate his eating habits after receiving alarming results of his blood tests.  He was ready to change his lifestyle, but was not ready to sacrifice the enjoyment of eating food that tastes great.  He chose, instead, to enjoy wholesome, healthy food of the highest quality.  A Good Food Day is a cookbook just about that -- simple, delicious food that is good for you.  In this cookbook, Canora explores common healthy diet guidelines (for example, good fat, LGI, Omega-3, etc.), and offers a variety of recipes for each of these.  His main principles are eating good food and enjoying it.

I thoroughly enjoy A Good Food Day.  Canora divides the book into several sections:   Breakfast, Salads, Vegetables, Beans and Lentils, Great Grains, Fish, Meat and Poultry, Snacks, Sweets.  And there are some 125 recipes to choose from!  The pictures offer a great deal of support …