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My Review of "Steadfast Love"

Lauren Chandler's Steadfast Love is partly an extended sermon on Psalm 107 and partly a spiritual memoir.  This is a beautiful little book, mostly because Chandler helps us to understand that "no matter the season, no matter if we're hungry and thirsty, heavy-hearted, entangled in sin, or weathering a storm, God is the Lord of steadfast love, the anchor of our souls".

Like I said, this is an extended devotional on Psalm 107, and tackles the chapter by looking at particular verses to explore how we have all been in in the desert, suffering from our own folly, stuck in chains, or weathering a storm.  She uses the text from Psalm 107 and blends her own spiritual story to explore how we anchor ourselves in fake gods, and how the God of our deliverance is the only hope we have in the world.

This is a book I've need for a while, precisely because she refocuses our lives on God's steadfast love.

I received a free copy of this book from B&H Publishing in exchan…