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My Review of "Divine Applause"

I know God is there, all the time.  But might there be ways I can catch his attention?

Jeff Anderson's Divine Applause:  Secrets and Rewards of Walking and the Invisible God says yes.

And he writes with the goal of helping us to see our lives as God sees our lives.

His book begins largely with his own experience, in an effort to illustrate what he understands God to see about our lives.  Then he goes on to encourage us to see God in every day moments, and live in a way that is pleasing to God.  The third section of the book focuses exclusively on living "blamelessly".

I can understand why this book appeals to certain readers.  But it's largely filled with so much personal experience, and very little biblical reflection.  In that way, it's more religious psychology than genuine Christian faith.  While I agree that our goal is to live in such a way so as to please God, I think what it means to "please God" can be less described from my life -- or from And…

My Review of "The Wedding A to Z"

After having planned our own wedding a little over a year ago, I know the work that goes into planning and creating for "Your Big Day".  And I wish I would have had a little book like The Wedding A to Z.  It covers all the bases, and in alphabetical order for easy access.

You can quickly find the topic you are looking for in the table of contents.  While no subject is covered in depth -- there are a few that really do need more detail -- what tips and advice are here are excellent and come from pros who know what they are talking about.

Perhaps the best part about The Wedding A to Z is its readability.  It's written in simple English, without all the fluff that I found in the few wedding books we consulted.  It reads like something you may expect to hear from your best friends.  These are real women with real advice.  And, like I said, a few of the topics could have used more detail, but what you find here is helpful, even if unconventional, for a wedding planning bo…

My Review of "Supermarket Healthy"

Supermarket Healthy by Melissa d'Arabian is a wonderful book for those of us who are beginning to create new, healthy eating habits.  In it, she shares recipes and kitchen ideas for eating well without spending a fortune. 

There are more than 130 recipes here, something that will satisfy the taste of every person, no matter your food flair.  I was particularly drawn to her recipes for Almond Waffles with Raspberry-Basil Sauce, Kale and White Bean Caesar Salad in a Jar, Rigatoni with Turkey Meatballs and Oven-Baked Crab Cakes with Tangy Yogurt Sauce. 

My husband and I have begun to be health-conscious.  We're concerned about what we're putting in our bodies for health reasons, sure, but even more so for religious reasons.  But we're also having to cook on a budget, so cooking healthy has been a struggle.  Now with Supermarket Healthy we don't have to worry, and have enough guidance to begin creating recipes of our own.

Like most other families, we don't have u…