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My Review of "Daring to Hope"

Katie Davis Majors' Daring to Hope: Find God's Goodness in the Broken and the Beautiful tells beautiful stories about the triumphs and tragedies Majors faced as an adoptive mom and missionary in Uganda.

After her adopted daughter's biological mother took the child back, Majors questioned God as she pleaded for him to bring her daughter home.  God did not give her the answer she desired, and for the first time in her life, she wondered whether God was good.

From there, Majors embarked on a journey of doubt and loss that brought her to a place of hope and understanding.  While serving a disease- and poverty-stricken community in Uganda by volunteering at a hospital and eventually starting Amazima Ministries, Majors felt helpless watching many of the people she cared for -- including friends and their children -- suffer and sometimes die in her home.

Pondering these events, she comes to the realization that God is good, gracious, near, faithful, and strong.  The …

My Review of "The Air I Breathe"

Louie Giglio's The Air I Breathe:  Worship as a Way of Life is a deceptively small book packed with insights.  Perhaps his most important, though, will also seem his simplest:  Everyone worships something or someone, because God has designed us all with the drive to worship.  We only have to study how we spend our time, energy, affection and money to discover the current object of our worship.  Thinking about worship in light of the book's simplest definition -- "our response to what we value most" -- is both eye-opening and thought-provoking.

The Air I Breathe then proceeds to urge readers to devote their worship to God (the only One who's worthy of it) and to make worship a way of life rather than just something they do in church.  Giglio's beautiful writing -- which is full of simple, yet profound statements and fresh energy -- successfully motivates readers to ponder his points.  But as persuasive as his narrative is, it lacks sufficient exam…